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The History of The Tea Room

The Tea Room is located in the heart of Streetsville, within the Robinson-Bray House.  Built in 1885 and owned by at least 2 families (the Robinsons and the Brays), it has since been restored and expanded to house a number of independent businesses.  In 1983, it was designated a building of “architectural and contextual value” by the City of Mississauga.  This landmark building stands on the corner of Queen Street and Mill Street as a constant and elegant reminder of yesteryear.

After over 22 years of operation, it’s hard to even imagine the Robinson-Bray House without the Tea Room.  That’s exactly what Rhonda Turner was hoping for when she opened the Tea Room’s doors in 1989.  Since then, Rhonda has retired as have subsequent owners/operators Bernie Mc Clennan, Marg Heringer, and Melanie Howsam.  Today, the Tea Room is owned and operated by Nina Graham.

Nina Graham
Nina Graham - Owner of The Tea Room